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The most popular hobo bags in 2023

Goyard Hobo Bag

Goyard Hobo Bohème 

The hobo bag is characterized by a large capacity and is easy to carry. One day when you are in a bad mood and dismiss your boss, carry a hobo bag on your back and take a walk-and-go trip
Goyard Hobo Bohème underarm bag, inspired by the life philosophy of bohemian wandering, a combination of two aces Saint Louis Artois series tote bags, built-in mother-in-law pockets, casual and lazy style, you are fashionable with it The trendiest of the world.
The comfort of the shoulder strap is the soul of the whole bag, work slowly and carefully, just look at the picture for details


Gucci’s 1961 hobo bag is rich in color, large in capacity, and convenient for travel. In terms of material, there are full leather, canvas with leather, and limited edition rare animal skin, but the price is much higher. The leather of this bag Slightly rigid so it holds up nicely and stands perfectly on a table

Chanel small hobo bag

Most Chanel bags are made of sheepskin. This moon-shaped bag is also made of sheepskin. It is very convenient for travel and travel. It is exquisite and compact. This green color is very beautiful and very eye-catching.

Fendi hobo bag Nano Fendigraphy

Nano Fendigraphy crescent bag with zip closure and FENDI lettering in antiqued gold-tone metal. The adjustable shoulder strap with clip allows it to be worn over a larger bag or worn on the wrist. Comes with a hook for the shoulder strap. Made of black leather. Gold finish hardware

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